Written December, 2017
Let me start by asking you a few questions…

How did 2017 go for you? Would you consider it a success?

Did you accomplish everything you set out to accomplish?

Did you set out to accomplish anything this year?

Have you thought about your goals for 2018?

If we were to have this conversation again in exactly 1 year, what would have to happen for you to consider next year a success?

More importantly, what would have to change in order for you to reach your goals for 2018?

In order to evoke change and unleash your inner athlete you must first figure out your vision for next year. We do this by setting goals that we want to achieve. Notice, how I didn’t say “Resolutions.” I am not a fan of the word resolution because I think people have abused that term over the years. When people set resolutions they often do it haphazardly and with no plan of action to get there.

Instead, I want you to set goals for 2018. What’s the difference?, you might ask.

Simple, mindset.
When you set a goal, you must develop a plan of action to achieve that goal. Now is the best time to start thinking about 2018 and what goals you want to accomplish. Don’t wait until January.

Pick 3-5 goals you would like to accomplish next year. Anymore than that is too much, and you will lose your focus. Your goals should challenge you and push you out of your comfort zone. Refrain from picking a goal you know you could easily achieve. Research has shown the power of writing down your goals. Grab a piece of paper and write down your goals and place it in as many places as possible so you will see it on a daily basis.

Once you have developed your goals, you must develop a plan to achieve those goals. Be specific with your plan, make sure the plan can be measured, the items are actionable, it is realistic, and there is a deadline for completion. This will ensure that you are PROACTIVE in achieving your goals and not REACTIVE. This will also ensure that when questions arise, or you may not feel like sticking to the plan you will have a compass to keep you on track.

If you need help goal setting and planning for 2018, we would love to help! Respond to this email and we will be in contact with you as fast as possible.

Dedicated To Your Success,
Andrew Hamel

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